Prestige Jumping Saddles

Prestige Jump Saddles
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Prestige X-Paris

Available in Black or Tobacco

Comes with Free Mounts

Prestige truly innovative. Prestige has been able to develop a technology that offers riders the required closeness while fully ensuring the wellbeing of the horse.


  • Improved close contact thanks to greater proximity to the horse
  • At the same time there is greater comfort because of an even softer seat
  • Stability is ensured and the horse feels comfortable along its back
  • The results have been achieved by fitting the tree, in the area corresponding to the position of the hip, with elastic membranes filled with a special shock-absorbing material.
  • The new panels, made of the same synthetic flocking material and of a new honeycomb material that is highly elastic, eliminates the need for felt and sponge material
  • The result obtained is an appreciable reduction in panel thickness.Warranty: Tree- Lifetime, stitching & leather 2 years