Iconoclast Orthopedic Front Sports Boots

Iconoclast Front Orthopedic Sports Boots


Iconoclast® Orthopedic Support Boots feature our patented Double Sling Straps for unparalleled lateral support. With itsevenly distributed support to thesuspensory branches, Iconoclast® is the only boot that truly lifts and cradles the equine leg. Designed to reduce joint interference and restriction, this is the perfect all around boot for every equine discipline.

Iconoclast® Orthopedic Support Boots will help your horse feel more confident with each step he takes, in and out of the arena. Iconoclast® Bell Boots are the perfect compliment to our Orthopedic Support Boots. The Iconoclast® Rehabilitation Boots offer the perfect solution for horses that have sustained an injury or are presenting signs of soreness in their suspensories and sesamoids.

Available in sizes

Small - Large $145.00

XL-2XL $155.00

Sizing Chart

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