Ranvet Salkavite

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Ranvet Salkavite 2kg

Premium grade electrolyte & b-group vitamin replacer. 

Vitamin B1 3528mg, Vitamin B2 3404mg, Vitamin B6 199mg, 
Vitamin B12 14.34mg, Vitamin E 3604mg, Choline 7052mg, Folic acid 
816mg, Inositol 8775mg, Calcium 99g, Magnesium 12.8g Phosporus 
61.5g, Potassium 12.6g, Sodium 120g, Chloride 125.7g, Sulphate 42.5g, 
Bicarbonate 68.1g, Rutin 1766mg.

Heavy work/endurance 30-60g daily (dependant on temperature, humidity, sweating rate), also advisable to 
supply and additional 30g Salkavite in evening feed following hard work; Travelling horses 60-90g prior to 
journey in addition to 30g in water during transportation; Stallions (during breeding season) 30g daily; 
Yearlings (sale preparations) 30g daily.