Prestige Dressage Saddles

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Prestige Optimax Dressage Saddle

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A new version with fresh design features and technical characteristics. An excellent saddle for riders keen on the “contact” provided by its extra-deep seat but without renouncing to the comfort afforded by its softer padding and by skirts that are also padded. The panels - no longer integrated with the underflaps, but independent - are completely new, their unique anatomical shape ensuring for the horses shoulders greater freedom of movement. The central portion of the panel is flatter, meaning that the saddle is more stable and the rider enjoys enhanced contact. The panels now no longer have any stitched seam to the rear: they are shorter, flatter, and the contact surface is larger. The result is greater comfort for the horse, allowing the horse and rider work more efficiently as a unit.  It is fully lined in calfskin leather.