Ring Snaffle Bits


Blue Steel Snaffle Bits

blue steel barrel snaffle bit #255x bi

Blue Steel Barrel Snaffle Bit

The sliding barrel eliminates pinching and the special Blue Steel Alloy produces salivation for an effective response

Twisted Wire Snaffle Bit

Brushed Ring Snaffle Twist in O-Rings

  • 5" brushed stainless steel mouth piece with sleeved ends
  • 3" brushed stainless steel rings
  • 9 mm diameter
  • Developed by world famous champion Reiner Francois Gauthier


Code: 06621

Dog Bone Bit

Sweet Iron Dog Bone Twisted Wire

  • Nice bit to spread pressure evenly, eliminating the nutcracker effect
  • Dog bone centre link spreads pressure evenly over bars and tongue
  • Twisted wire mouth sends a clear communication with less pull
  • Mouth piece is sweet iron with pinch free sliding sleeves on each side
  • 3” stainless steel rings
  • Mouthpiece:  5”
  • Bit diameter:  3/8"


Code: 21858

Sweet Iron O-Ring Snaffle

Sweet Iron O-Ring Snaffle

FES Sweet Iron 3'' O-Ring Snaffle

  • 3" Stainless Steel O-Ring Snaffle
  • Sweet iron mouth with copper inlay
  • Sliding sleeve on cheek to prevent pinching


CODE: 21857


O-Ring Ported Correction Bit

O-Ring Ported Correction Bit

  • 5" mouth
  • 1" port
  • 3" rings
  • Stainless Steel



Blue Steel Campdraft Bit

blue steel 3 piece campdraft bit #255x bi

Blue Steel 3 Piece Campdraft Bit

The bit of choice for campdrafters featuring a curved Blue Steel mouth, tongue plate and large 95 mm rings


Square Twisted O-Ring Snaffle

brushed square twisted bit

Brushed Square Twist 3'' O-Ring 

SQ Twist Stainless Steel 5" mouth

 CODE: 08566

Robart Ring Snaffle Bits

Robart Training Loose Ring Snaffle

Stainless steel jointed mouth training snaffle. This is a style that is well accepted by most horses, and is perfect to use for training. A Bradoon version of this bit (thinner mouthpiece and smaller rings) is also available. 

This Pinchless model features an internal bushing on either side of the joint which rotate independently and prevent pinching of the horse's tongue & cheeks or bruising to the palate. 

Code: 12654

Cob (5"/12.5cm)
Mouth Thickness 19mm 
Ring Size 65mm 

Full Size (5 1/2"/14cm)
Mouth Thickness 19mm 
Ring Size 65mm

Ring Snaffle Bits

Curved Mouth Snaffle Bit

Stainless steel. Specially designed mouthpiece sits more comfortably in the horse's mouth and allows more tongue room. 

Code: 12399

Cob Size (5"/12.5cm) 
Mouth Thickness 10mm 
Ring Size 65mm 

Full Size (5 1/2"/14cm)
Mouth Thickness 10mm 
Ring Size 65mm 

Ring Snaffle Bits

Sweet Iron Snaffle Fine Mouth

A fine mouth snaffle, with strong sweet iron that encourages salivation and acceptance of the bit. 

Code: 124126

Cob Size (5 1/4"/13cm)
Mouth Thickness 10mm 
Ring Size 65mm