Pessoa Breastplates

Pessoa 5 Point Breastplate

Well crafted from premium leather with sheepskin pads.

Available in Oakbark, Havana or Black

Limited  Availability please call or email store

Pessoa Martingale

Pessoa Martingale

A beautifully crafter martingale with a thin elastic breastplate and D-Ring martingale included.

Available in Oakbark, Havana or Black

Grainge Breastplates

Grainge Elite 5 Point Breastplate

Premium English sedgwick leather with soft sheepskin padding and strong durable elastic.

Available in Black, Oakbark or Havana

Grainge Breastplates

Grainge Elite Elastic Breatplate

A fine leather breastplate with elastic inserts and D ring martingale

Grainge Stockmans Breastplate

Grainge Elite Stockmans Breastplate

Suitable for both work or competition. Crafted from quality premium English Sedgwick leather.

Full size only

Eurohunter Breastplates

Eurohunter 5 Point Breastplate

Full Size only

Eurohunter Martingale

Eurohunter Martingale

Full size only

German Martingale Training Aids

German Martingale

Made from  premium Hermann Oak harness leather. Neck strap holds the martingale properly allowing variable headsetting in any of 3 positions.

Available in Single or Split rein style.

Stockmans Breastplate

Stockmans Breastplate #912530

Stockmans Breastplate

Made from the finest American cow hide and tanned using a vegetable pit tanning process. Distinctive design with decorative cream padding and swage buckles.

Available in Oak Only


Elastic Breastplates

 Elastic Breastplate w/ Martingale

All Aintree bridles and accessories are made from some of the finest quality drum-dyed, veg tanned leather available. 

This hunting style breastplate features stainless steel snaps to clip to the saddle, and elastic inserts in the neck straps to ensure that it does not inhibit the horse's shoulder movement. 

It comes complete with a running martingale fitting that may be removed when not required. All Brass fittings. 

Full Size