Rug Accessories


Eurohunter Chest Bibs

eurohunter bib

Eurohunter Taffeta Chest Bib

Made from soft feel taffetta

Cant-A Chest Bib

Cant-a Satin Bib #7501

Cant-A Satin Bib

Helps prevent rub marks on horses chest from rugs

Rug Seal- Waterproofing

Equinade Rug Seal #EQRUGS

Equinade Rug Seal

Ideal for waterproofing all cotton canvas materials including horse rugs, swags and tents.

Available in

1Lt $25.95

2.5Lt $59.95

Joseph Lyddy Waterproofer

Joseph Lyddy Silicone Waterproofer


Provide heavy duty water and stain repellency with only one application and allows leather and fabric to breathe